Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Kingdom of God is Within You-A Guest Post by Fr. Dan Murphy

The parishioners at St. Matthias Parish in Milwaukee are very blessed because we have a fellow parishioner who happens to be a retired priest, Fr. Dan Murphy. Fr. Dan graciously helps out at Sunday and daily Mass on occasion, and whenever he does you can just feel a sense of joy among the people in the pews because we all know that when Fr. Dan is there, we are in for a real treat! His homilies, both in word and in the gentle and loving way he delivers them, are always a source of comfort to those that hear them. My son Joe is always quick to nudge me after every single one of Fr. Dan's homilies and he reminds me that Fr. Dan is his favorite priest.

One of my favorite mysteries of the rosary is the third Luminous Mystery-The Proclamation of the Kingdom. Whenever I pray this particular mystery I am always overcome with the wonderful knowledge that the kingdom of God is within me, a poor and miserable sinner. What a marvel that is!

Fr. Dan has kindly given me permission to post his most recent daily Mass homily about the Kingdom of God so that you might also marvel at the goodness of God and His gift of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is Within You
Fr. Dan Murphy

"The kingdom of heaven is like a fishing net that caught fish of every kind." Matthew 13:47

That mysterious kingdom of his! It must have always been on his mind. In the gospels, there are 150 references to that kingdom. The more Jesus spoke about it, the more shrouded in fog it seems to be. He calls it a hidden treasure, a box full of gold coins hidden somewhere in a field. He calls it a precious pearl, a jewel found by a shop owner. That lucky person gladly sold everything they had to buy the field and claim the precious jewel as their own. Jesus also called his kingdom a fishing net full of fish, good ones and bad ones. At other times, he called his kingdom yeast and light, salt and seed, a ripe harvest, a royal banquet, an enormous party and even a wedding feast.

You’ve been searching for this kingdom of God for a long time, too, haven’t you? Some people think that you need to travel to some really special far away holy place, like Lourdes or Jerusalem or Holy Hill. All the examples that Jesus mentions suggests that God has hidden this mysterious kingdom in the best hiding place of all. Right out in the open.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure that’s hidden.” Jesus knew that if you couldn’t find the presence of God in everyday life, you wouldn’t be able to recognize God in anything else, either. So don’t be surprised to find God hiding in your own back yard, in your friends, in children or in strangers. It would be just like God to be there. But just thinking about the kingdom doesn’t help, does it?

When would be the best time to get started? How about silently going inside for a few moments right now? Because:

“The Kingdom of God is within you."

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  1. Anne,
    I like Homilies that pack a solid punch. If they make me really think and I feel them in my heart, then I can take them with me when I leave Mass and it sticks with me during the day. This was a good one!