Monday, July 18, 2011

La Vie Graphite

My blogging journey began a little over two years ago and one of the very first blogs that I discovered was La Vie Graphite written by a man with the pseudonym of "Speculator" who shares stories of his life in Maine. Speculator's deeply contemplative thoughts are often posted with an old-fashioned typewriter and his photography is both clean and creative. There is a sense of history in his words that allows the reader to enter his life and know him without ever knowing it all, for he masterfully maintains a bit of mystery as well.

Through the well-thought out words and wisdom of the ecumenical Speculator I have been drawn to the beauty and peace of Taize prayer and have longed to follow his lead in spending time alone with God in an annual retreat. The careful reading of Speculator's words always leads to the peace of God, yet he does it in such a way that the reader would barely realize that they are reading a faith blog; for God is masterfully blended into his life story in a very gentle and discreet way. He never overpowers the reader with his faith but reveals it in a gentle and unmistakable undercurrent that allows one to know the basis of all that is good in this world.

Won't you visit his blog and allow yourself to savor his words and photography and therein find yourself drawing into a deeper relationship with God, finding Him more and more in the ordinary events of your own life?

Thanks to Holly at A Life Size Catholic for this weekly "Pay it Forward" MEME!


  1. I can always count on a wonderful "Pay It Forward from you! I love your highlighted blog "La Vie Graphite". The photo at the end makes it all the more intriguing. My grandfather had a typewriter like that, and we used to type on it all the time, pretending to be famous writers. If whiteout was a product back then, I'm sure we'd have increased their profits twofold. We did have a lot of fun...

    I'll be reading "La Vie Graphite" from now on.

  2. Looking forward to checking this out, Anne. You are always a wealth of information and inspiration:)

  3. I don't see a link to the blog. What am I missing?

  4. I see it now. It was, for some reason (?) not highlighted when I first read your post. I also found it on your blog role, so all is well! Thank you.

  5. This is so very gracious of you, Anne!
    Many thanks for the new readers. Please feel free to use the "tags" I put at the ends of each entry. There's one for Taize, and another for Weston Priory.
    (And, I might add that I'm a brother in the Dominican Laity!)