Monday, July 18, 2011

Missionary Servants of the Holy Family

We've all heard and seen it many times and in many places: the family is under attack today. The devil would love nothing better than to destroy the hearth and home of traditional families who seek to serve the Lord and glorify Him with prayerful and holy lives. But we don't have to stand by helplessly and allow the devil to have his way with us. We can fight back with more prayer and one young lady is working very hard to see to it that God will triumph and families who long to model themselves after the Holy Family will prevail against the evils of this world.

It was December of 2009 when Maryclare Stephens offered her first Holy Hour for Families at St. Francis de Sales Seminary under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Don Hying (now Bishop Hying) in an effort to found a religious organization whose sole purpose would be to pray for the sanctity of families. Her efforts to establish The Missionary Servants of the Holy Family is beginning to bear much fruit in just under two years of prayer and work as her following letter will attest. Won't you consider helping Maryclare to establish this holy endeavor by supporting her with whatever means you have available and by offering her your prayers?

"After much prayer and work our good God has finally lead the Missionary Servants of the Holy Family to their first home. The Missionary Servants of the Holy Family will be starting their work and beginning their life and mission in the old rectory of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in the little town of Brighton, WI...The home will be called, Our Lady Queen of Families and Mother of the Church Mission House ( Our Lady's Mission House for short) in honor of our Blessed Mother who I know played a big role in finding this home for us. To her, St. Joseph and our Infant King I am most thankful! It has been beautiful watching our good God at work in leading me to finding this place. It has been a long but most beautiful journey. Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers and support! Your prayers were so greatly needed and appreciated! Please continue to keep me and this work in your prayers that I will have the strength to always follow God's will. I still have a need for money support. If you are able to give anything monthly or even as a one time donation that would be most helpful! If you know of other families or individuals who may be able to help support this mission please, please, please pass this on to them. Also please pray that God may send young women to help in God's great work for marriage and families."

Visit The Missionary Servants of the Holy Family here to learn more.

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  1. What a beautiful lay apostolate. Would that be the correct term? Thank you for sharing this opportunity!