Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seven Quick Takes-Bishop Hying Edition

I'm still floating on cloud nine from all of the ordination events of this past week so I thought that perhaps writing out seven quick takes about Bishop Hying and the ordination might help me to begin to settle down and back into ordinary life, although I'm not altogether sure that's possible. Here goes-

1. How we met: Shortly after Bishop Hying began his position as Rector of St. Francis de Sales Seminary he started writing a monthly e-newsletter called New Heart, New Spirit. It must have been Divine Providence that put my name on that mailing list because I couldn't remember signing up to receive them. Bishop Hying had concluded his first few newsletters by asking the recipients to write back to him. He wanted to know the reader's thoughts about the topics he would write about. So I wrote. And wrote and wrote. At that time I was in the throes of a deep depression and really needed someone to listen to all of the junk that was driving me mad. I would send him these long drawn out emails that must have left him regretting his request for emails and scratching his head with wonder about who was this crazy lady that kept writing to him. But in Christian charity he always wrote back and then one day I received an email from him that said "It would be great to sit down and talk sometime. You seem like a beautiful soul." So we arranged to meet and shortly after that he took me on for spiritual direction. Just last winter I reminded him of how we met and I asked him if he would still consider me to be a beautiful soul now that he has come to know me so well, and this was his answer: "I see the beauty of your soul in ever more vivid hues."

Well, that does it. After writing that, I just can't write any more-too many tears clouding the way, and really beyond that everything else I would have to say is just clutter. So, consider this the quickest of all the seven quick takes you've ever read and maybe I'll share all of the other inconsequential facts another day!

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  1. Anne, I was just reading about Bishop Hying on a young man's blog, and realized that he is YOUR SON! How blessed are you to have such a beautiful young man who loves God and is discerning a call to the priesthood to be your son! I am so happy for your family. I love to pray for vocations, and will certainly keep John in my prayers, along with his friend Ken.

    I just wanted say that I'm rejoicing with you over such a huge blessing from God.

    Loved the pictures of your family with Bishop
    Hying. Beautiful! May God continue to shower His blessings on all of you!

    In Christ,

  2. I understand your tears. I was hugged on Sunday by a dear priest that I think is getting closer to asking if I would like him to be my spiritual director. He has given me two books in two weeks. Did you ask Bishop Hying or did he ask you when you say he took you on for spiritual direction? Something about a priest offering the sacrifice of the mass in the person of Jesus that stays in your subconscious and a gesture of love from a priest feels like you are being loved somewhat directly by Christ!

  3. Patricia,thank you so much for praying for vocations, we are in such desperate need of good and holy men to lead us in faith! And thanks especially for praying for my son! It means so much to me to know that he is held in prayer before the Lord!

    Colleen, I had asked Bishop Hying to be my spiritual director. If spiritual direction is something you are interested in, I would suggest that you talk to your priest and ask him about it. You are right, because a priest acts "in persona Christi" every action of love that he offers to his parishioners does feel as if it is coming directly from Christ. How blessedly beautiful to know that we are loved by God and what a tremendous responsibility the priest has to show that love in all that he does!