Friday, July 22, 2011

Seven Quick Takes-The Clutter

OK, I've regained my composure from the last post-here are my remaining quick takes, the clutter that I referred to in my first quick take about Bishop Hying:

2. Joe, at Defend Us In Battle, has this great game going called "Fantasy BishBall." He explains that it is just like Fantasy Football but for Catholic Geeks. The idea is that every time your bishop writes a blog post, issues a heretical smackdown or gives a great homily, in other words, whenever he does something good, you win points for your team of bishops. Count me in, I say! Not only am I a major Catholic Geek, but after these past three days with the Vesper Service, Ordination and Bishop Hying's first Mass, I must have accrued mucho points! My favorite quote that Joe had on his blog was about a priest he knew who was recently elevated to Bishop. Joe referred to the occasion as being "called up to the Bigs!" So, I want to steal that phrase and apply it to Bishop Hying as well. I'm sure it will come in handy on August 18th when both Archbishop Listecki and Bishop Hying will host a tailgate party and attend the Milwaukee Brewer game in an effort to increase subscriptions for the Milwaukee Catholic Herald.

3. Those who read this blog know that I have a deep love and admiration for Archbishop Dolan (who doesn't?) So, it was a thrill to see him at the ordination on Wednesday. My son John was visiting with his friend Fr. Matthew Widder in the side aisle of the Cathedral before the Ordination Mass when I saw John motioning to me but disregarded it thinking that nothing could be important enough for me to climb over the ten people sitting in the pew between John and I. Then I saw him,Archbishop Dolan, that is, coming up the aisle right past John. Quicker than you can say "episcopal ordination" I had excused my way past those ten people and was hugging Archbishop Dolan. Bliss. That's all I can say about it. Miss that guy in Milwaukee but love what he's doing in New York. (OK-this quick take digressed from the topic of Bishop Hying, but it was a worthy digression, don't you agree?)

4. Moving words during the Ordination Mass: Bishop Hying talked about his family and mentioned that he knew that both of his parents (now deceased) were standing right by his side and all of the saints in heaven were there as well. (I could so feel the presence of all of the saints in heaven!) He commented on the weather saying that he remembered that is was 20 degrees below zero when Archbishop Listecki was installed as Archbishop of Milwaukee and he thought that it must mean that the Archbishop is really cool, but the heat for his own ordination could only mean that God wants him to sweat from the very beginning! And finally, this quote: "If I am anything in life, it's because you have loved me … you have held me … you have supported me."

5. After the Ordination when my husband Paul, our son John, his friend Jerry and I were talking with Bishop Hying, he told John, "Someday this could be you!" John laughed and said that was highly unlikely, but Bishop Hying replied that he had never thought it would be him, either! So humble.

6. From the moment I heard the announcement on May 26th that Fr. Don had been appointed Bishop, my heart grieved for the pending change, knowing that things would never be the same again and I selfishly mourned the fact that he would have less time for me and my family. But on the day of his ordination, the minute I saw him in his mitre, with his crozier in hand, blessing everyone at the Cathedral, all grief was smashed and I was overcome with joy for my friend, for everyone who loves him and for the entire Catholic Church in Milwaukee. In the words of Bishop Hying, "Love never fails, love always wins," and God in His wisdom has showered his love so generously upon us all. There is only joy.

7. Mary to the Bishop: "Can I kiss your ring?" Bishop to Mary: "Sure, if you want to."

I hope that with these Seven Quick Takes and with all of my posts about Bishop Hying, the sublime holiness, the good-natured friendliness, and the loving warmth of his personality shine through. I am convinced, along with everyone who knows him, that God will bless his episcopacy with many great things. He will work hard, he will be completely present to those who are in need of his attention, he will be loyal to the Magisterium and devoted to Archbishop Listecki, and he will lead all of the people in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee towards the final goal of heaven. We are blessed and I am deeply grateful to God for looking on Milwaukee with favor in the appointment of Bishop Donald Hying.

As always, see Jennifer at Conversion Diary for more quick takes.

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