Monday, October 31, 2011

Chick Flick

My youngest two children had a day off from school for a teacher in-service and Jack was invited to spend the day at a Halloween Party with a classmate. That left me in a predicament for what to do with my daughter as she is too young to stay home alone and Paul and I were both scheduled to work. I had asked my boss if I could bring Mary to work with me but apparently there are liability issues involved with that, so she generously told me that I could take the day off to care for my daughter.

What a treat to have a Monday off to spend it with my daughter and what fun we had!

After morning Mass and some shopping for presents for my husband's upcoming birthday, Mary and I did something that we just never do-we the Mall. We haven't gone window shopping and browsing at the Mall in years-everything is so high priced that it seems like a waste of time to walk around looking at all of the things you don't want and can't afford. But today, Mary and I had the time of our lives!

After walking through several clothing and jewelery shops and leaving in astonishment over the tacky items that pass for fashion today, we stumbled into a Sephora Cosmetics store that offered samples of every type of make-up imaginable. Now if there is one thing Mary likes to do it's to experiment with make-up. She must have the most scrubbed-clean face of any ten-year-old girl for all of the times that Paul and I find her dipping into my make-up basket at home and send her to the sink to wash it off. But today, since it was a special girls day out, Mary and I enjoyed sampling every type of eye-liner, eye-shadow, blush and mascara that was on the shelf at the store. We sampled some blush that was clearly not in our color palette and nearly rolled on the floor laughing at how silly we looked. We doused ourselves with Justin Bieber perfume samples and then left the store smelling sweet and feeling even sweeter.

Then we headed over to the movie theater and caught a showing of The Mighty Macs. With a supply of Halloween candy loading down Mary's purse as a movie treat we were well prepared to sit through the movie. We easily found a seat as the theater was empty except for one man who had arrived before us. It almost felt like a private showing! The movie was excellent! It was both clean and wholesome with a great moral. It seems to be pretty rare to find a family-friendly story that includes a strong faith element, especially one that is clearly Catholic. The nuns in the story which was inspired by real-life events, were represented in an attractive fashion and all of the women characters were strong, resilient and faithful to their commitments and vocations. It was a joy to watch a group of women come together as a team and play basketball with the belief that no matter what they would be #1. What was really impressive was the fact that at the end of the movie, the credits showed the real-life pictures of the characters in the story and shared what they were doing today. They all appeared to be successful and satisfied. With Mary's first season as a basketball player rapidly approaching after years of sitting in the bleachers watching her brothers play, this movie was a perfect inspiration to get her fired up to play. Today's trip to the Mall for both the shopping and the movie was definitely mother/daughter bonding time well spent and Mary and I will treasure the memory of this day for years to come.

Two thumbs up (both Mary's and mine) for The Mighty Macs! And, although I titled this post "Chick Flick" I know that my husband and sons would enjoy it just as well as my daughter and I did. Click here to view the trailer.

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