Friday, January 20, 2012

I Just Can't Take It Anymore!-A Book Review and Giveaway

"I bet I can make you smile!" So says author Anthony DeStefano, about his latest book, I Just Can't Take It Anymore! due to become available on the first of February. And in fact, with this sweet and simple book he does indeed make me smile!

In the past I've had the great honor of reading and reviewing his children's book Little Star as well as The Invisible World which was a great look into the unseen presence of the spiritual realm within our lives. When he offered to send me a copy of his newest book, I Just Can't Take It Anymore, and asked me to read and review it, I was quick to agree!

The book is charming and inspiring; a fast and easy read that certainly did put a smile on my face and it's sure to put a smile on your face as well! The pictures are adorable and the message is loving and uplifting. It would be a perfect gift for a friend who is struggling through a difficulty, and although the message is intended for adults, with it's colorful and cute photographs of children, it would make a nice and loving read-aloud for a young person facing one of the many trials of childhood as well.

As an additional gift, the author has sent me a second copy of the book to share with you-the faithful readers of Imprisoned in my Bones! If you would like a chance to receive your own copy, please send me an email or leave a comment below and I will enter your name in a drawing. I will ask my daughter Mary to draw the names of all of those who show an interest in the book on February 1st, the date that I Just Can't Take It Anymore! becomes available for purchase. Good luck to all who enter!

To read more about the book, to read sample pages and to order your own copy, click here.


  1. Anne...would love a chance to win this book since I can never turn down a great book! BTW, thanks for the lovely post regarding the Liebster Award...I haven't had a chance to write you.~Theresa

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I am always up for a smile. God Bless.