Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've been contemplating the idea of taking a blog sabbatical as a form of lenten sacrifice this year. I thought that I might post some occasional poems and reflections from the archives and then spend the time that I would have been writing on this blog in more silent prayer for the season in the hopes that when Easter arrives I will have become filled up with Christ and thereby leave a little bit of my own self behind.

But in looking back at past lenten sacrifices, I know that more often than not I have failed in my resolutions at the various forms of fasting through which I had hoped to improve my relationship with the Lord. If I fail in this one, it would be a very public failure because everyone who reads this blog would know that I just couldn't keep my mouth shut and just had to resume writing. So I thought a little "just in case" writing outlet might help me stay silent here and still share those things that might burn within me. Is that fair or am I already planning to cheat God?

What I want to share with you is that "just in case" outlet that I am thinking about. There is a wonderful new blog that is a compilation of writings by Catholic women. The blog administrator is Jenny from one of my favorite blogs, A Minute Captured. The title of this new group blog is Suscipio and Jenny's description of it follows:

"We are single, married, mothers, grandmothers… We strive to make God the Father the habitual guide and help of our lives because we know, with Him we can do all things. We offer a place of comfort and rest for those whom we love. We also need the support and encouragement of our sisters in Christ. Our souls are tender, our hearts thoughtful and some days we just need a place to go and know we are accepted “as is”…Suscipio, Latin for: to raise up, maintain, support, accept, receive.

You are in the right place…stay awhile."

This is good stuff, this womanly writing on Suscipio, and Jenny has kindly invited me to prayerfully consider writing a guest post every now and then. After reading her gentle description of her website, I think I just might take her up on her offer, although my writing greatly pales in comparison to what is found there. I encourage you to visit this beautiful new space for Catholic women and who knows, you just may be surprised to find my words there someday. In the meantime, Lent is less than three weeks away so I better get busy writing-I've got lots to say and such a little time to say it!!!

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