Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Good Shepherd, Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Dolan's homily during his Mass of Thanksgiving at Holy Hill was full of sassy jokes and laughter and love.  I took notes, wanting to share the highlights with you, but really, every minute of his homily was a highlight, so I realized that sharing my opinion of what was the best was futile and it would be better to simply upload the video and let you listen for yourself.  You can view the embedded video here. Enjoy!

For the record, my favorite part of the homily were his words about Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  He spoke about how he, as a shepherd of this flock, has to be ready to shed blood for us, the Church, and for the Holy Father, the Pope.  And I was especially touched by how he said that not only was he a shepherd to us, but that we also have been shepherds to him.  He mentioned the gratitude that he had for all the times when we held him up during moments of difficulty in the Church saying,  "I see Christ the Good Shepherd in all of you and that is what I am most grateful for."

O Jesus, Gentle Shepherd and Living Bread, keep careful watch over Timothy Cardinal Dolan as he watches over us, as he works to protect our religious liberty and draws us all ever closer to You.  Amen.

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