Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Smell of Holiness

It's no secret that I love going to church, but I bet you didn't know that not only do I love the holy pictures, statues and stained glass, the priests,the people and the prayers, and the true presence of Christ, but I also love the smell of the church. When I open the church door and catch a whiff of melted candle wax mingled with a hint of incense from a long ago Mass I feel as if I am breathing in heaven. I'd like to bottle that smell and make it into an air freshener for my home! I'd spray it all over and then wait for my sixteen-year-old son Joe to notice it. Joe often complains that I am too holy and that I pray too much. He says that he feels as if he should genuflect every time he steps into the living room because I have so many pictures of Jesus and Mary in there. With that precious scent of church in my house I am sure he wouldn't be able to stop himself from bending his knee!  And you have to know that I would love that!

Joe also likes to complain about how long it takes for us to pray before meals, he just wants to dig right in without such a lengthy blessing. So when he sent me the link to the video below about "pre-blessed food" I just had to smile. It's classic Joe. Maybe you'll smile, too.  (Click here to view the embedded video.)


  1. Anne,
    Yours is not the only house in which Joe would feel like genuflecting. I have nicknamed my bedroom "the shrine". I wouldn't mind some of that air freshener either :)
    A Happy and Blessed Pentecost to you!

  2. Karin, the world needs more places where teenage boys feel compelled to bend their knee in reverence, doesn't it? A blessed Pentecost to you as well!

  3. Ha!Ha! The video is a riot! Joe wouldn't want to walk into my bedroom, that's for sure :)

    Anne, I LOVE the smell of churches too. It reminds me of heaven. This entire post made me smile!