Thursday, July 5, 2012


It's often said about the changeable weather in Milwaukee, "If you don't like it, just wait.  In about ten minutes it will be hotter/colder/dryer/wetter."  But we've been stuck in a hot and dry spell for about three weeks now and this parched city could use some relief.  Every growing thing that should be green and lush is yellow and half-dead.   In looking at some of my blog posts from July of 2010, I found that I had written about how we were undergoing the most severe flooding we had ever seen at that time.  Feast or famine, I suppose.  In that wet July of two years ago, I wrote the following poem.  In honor of the month that is dedicated to His Most Precious Blood, I share it again....


"Amen" I say, and the cup is offered;
a small sip and I am back
on my knees with the taste of
the Precious Blood still strongly
flavoring my mouth.

One drop is all it takes
for the Blood of Christ to
saturate every pore of my body.
I am drenched in the beautiful liquid
that quenches my deep thirst for Him.

Oh Lord, let your Most Precious Blood
that poured from your side
permeate my soul forever.
Immerse me, flood me, wash me in your love.


  1. Beautiful poem.

  2. Thank you for sharing your words! "Immerse me, flood me, wash me in your love." Ahhh... beautiful and powerful.

  3. Beautiful poem

    We have the same saying about the weather in Florida! Lol

  4. Your poem, and really it is a prayer, is so lovely!

  5. So beautiful, Anne. May we all be saturated with the Precious Blood of Christ.

    New England weather is like this too :)

  6. Anne, you have expressed a depth of feeling from the heart which reverberates in mine...a beautiful poem and a precious prayer. Thank you for sharing.