Friday, August 31, 2012

Under the Same Moon

A re-post from the archives in honor of tonight's blue moon. 

luminous rays cast their glow
in the shadowy dark of the night
the same moon looks down upon all
keeping our world ever bright

though we are half a planet apart
the same moon that shone upon you
now sets my own world alight
beneath it's brilliant hue

and I see God's love in the moon
as a symbol of the One and Only
who sees us and loves us all
no matter where we may be

for the moon that sees both you and I
sees all of our siblings in Christ
and warms us with it's lustrous beams
to melt our cold hearts of ice

no distance is too far or wide
to keep His tender love at bay
like the moon that shines bright in the night
He lights our life and shows us the way

set my heart aglow like the moon, Lord
in the warmth of Your love may it always stay
casting out darkness and fear
in exchange for the brightness of day

I thank You, dear Lord, for the moon
and the planets and stars in the sky
those far off reminders of You
who loves all those both far and nearby


  1. This is so lovely Anne. It has such meaning. I am not a poet, but I do admire the poetry of others.

  2. Very nice Anne.

    Like the moon reflects the sun, I pray that we reflect our Lord.

    God Bless.

    1. I like your prayer Michael. I join you in it.

  3. Anne, this is a beautiful testament to your closeness to the Source of all light, life and love. As a member of SOLT, I wish we had more laity like you to share a creative understanding of the Truth of Our Triune God’s relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Mike,

      Your words are so kind! Thank you so much! I am humbled.

  4. Es muy bonito Anne, muchas gracias por tan hermoso testimonio.
    saludos y besos
    carmen desde España

    1. Dear Carmen, Thank you so much for your kind comment! You made me smile huge! God bless you dear!

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