Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baby Feet

Meeting mothers who have lost their babies to miscarriage and abortion is sadly a common part of my job.  When a woman who has been on WIC (Women, Infants and Children) suffers a pregnancy loss, she is still entitled to six months of WIC benefits postpartum, but she has to bring in proof that her pregnancy has ended, just like she has to bring in proof of her pregnancy when she first applies for WIC benefits.  It's a hard thing to ask for from a woman who is emotionally overwrought.

This past week I spent a short time praying a rosary outside the local abortion mill on both Wednesday and Thursday as the 40 Days for Life Campaign has begun its fall season.  On Thursday when I arrived at work, the first client I met was a woman whose son had died at 20 weeks into the pregnancy.  Her cervix would not support the pregnancy and while she was in the hospital on bedrest to try to lengthen the pregnancy, she went into labor, and her baby, still in the water sac, was stillborn.  The funeral home was called and they arranged a prayer service and burial at a nearby cemetery, and provided her with a prayer card that included her son's name and footprints.  It was that prayer card that she used as proof that her pregnancy had ended.

I was pleased to know that the hospital where her baby had died had helped this young mother arrange a prayer service and funeral for her son. But I wonder about how many mothers never have the chance to properly grieve for their child.  How many babies are carelessly hauled away from the abortion mill, left behind by their mothers who feel nothing but relief to no longer be pregnant?  And how many of those women will wake up one day, years later, and suddenly feel the ravaging effects of grief that had been denied for too long?

Please join in your local 40 Days for Life campaign.  Help pray the mothers who visit the abortion mill away from unnatural death for their babies and show them that with the help of a caring community, they can give life to their babies, a decision that will never cause them regret and sorrow.

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