Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tripod of Faith

My parish has been enjoying the presence of a fabulous priest who has been helping out while our pastor and associate pastor are on vacation/sabbatical.  Fr. Joe Lubrano, SDS, a Salvatorian father, has a wonderfully gentle way about him, and when he offers Mass for the school children he often uses props to introduce the children to difficult ideas while speaking in a way that they can easily understand without talking down to them.  I'm sure that I'm not the only one attending Mass who appreciates and is inspired by the words of wisdom and love which Fr. Joe imparts!

Fr. Joe's homily for today's feast of St. Anthony Mary Claret was especially delightful.

Fr. Joe began with a little background on the meaning of the word "tradition" using a family's preparation for Christmas as an example.  Then he took a tripod and explained that everything in the Church is based on three legs.  He stressed that all three legs are essential and if one leg of the tripod is missing it cannot stand.  All three legs of the Church are necessary.  Those legs are:

Tradition, Scripture and Teaching

St. Anthony Mary Claret
St. Anthony Mary Claret, a bishop in Cuba, worked to reform the Church and bring people back to the stability of the tripod because things weren't going so well in his country.   Just as an archer pulls back on his bow and aims his arrow at the center of the target, St. Anthony Mary Claret helped the people in Cuba to aim for the center of the target, which is Jesus.  He wanted the people to know how to love and follow Jesus and he used all three legs, Tradition, Scripture and Teaching, to help everyone to reach Christ, who is always the center of everything.

Fr. Joe reminded us that it is our parents, teachers and other helpful friends who can, just like St. Anthony Mary Claret, help us to reach the center by teaching us about our faith.  And for our part, we need to make sure that the target we are aiming for is always Jesus.

In this Year of Faith, a simple, yet important message like the one that Fr. Joe shared with the school children, can go a long way toward helping everyone to understand the basic tenets of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Today I celebrate the blessing of a good priest like Fr. Joe, and Tradition, Scripture and Teaching!  How wonderful it is to be Catholic!


  1. I like the tripod analogy! Thanks Anne.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I can't get to daily mass and so I always feel like I miss out.