Monday, February 11, 2013

Ruby Slippers

The following is a re-post of a little poem I wrote in December of 2010.  I think it's fitting to share it again today in honor of our dear Papa Benny-may his days of earthly sojourn be filled with peace and joy!

I wear shoes of red upon my feet
but something just feels wrong
like Dorothy in the land of Oz I know
this earth is not where I belong

I want to click my heels
and slowly count to three
and let my scarlet shoes lead me
to the place I long to be

far beyond this earthly world
to that celestial heavenly dome
and with each step I take there
I'll know that I am Home

when I think of others
as I'm counting one, two, three
I know that I'm in
the best of company

I'm not the only one
wearing shoes of shiny red
for there are many others
including the Pope, our head

if his shoes are red
while he walks this land
I know that my longing
isn't a dream too grand

for he's waiting, too
and biding his time
with a yearning so real
to reach the end of the climb

the Pope and I we're not alone
in our desire for God
for it belongs to many
though not all are ruby shod

Oh, Lord search deep within us
and see what's true inside
a love that's so profound
it cannot be disguised

although all shoes might not be crimson
our love for You is real
please call us to your kingdom
where the bells of glory peel

There's no place like Home
There's no place like Home
There's no place like Home...


  1. I remember this poem! A perfect day to post it again :)

    May God bless Pope Benedict!

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you for giving us a SMILE!

  3. Wonderful Anne! Thanks for a smile on a very sad day! I will miss our Papa so!