Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beautiful Churches

A few months ago I wrote a blog post sharing images of what are, in my opinion, the Seven Most Beautiful Churches in Milwaukee.  Just this week I found these additional images of two of those seven churches (Old St. Mary and St. Anthony of Padua) and I knew that you, dear reader, would enjoy them.  The image below is from Friday, May 17th's Holy Hour for the four men who were ordained to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee on May 18th, 2013.  I only wish I had a close-up of the monstrance to share with you as well, because truly, I have never seen it's equal anywhere.

Fr. Luke Strand at Old St. Mary Parish downtown Milwaukee (photo courtesy Arise Milwaukee)

Although the video below is from Christmas, it's so lovely I just have to share it now.  St. Anthony of Padua Parish on 9th and Mitchell Street boasts a magnificent choir led by Lee Erickson (also the director of the Milwaukee Symphony Choir) that sings every Sunday at 10 AM.  Of the Father's Love Begotten is one of my favorite songs, and the slideshow of the church interior just leaves me sighing with contentment.  Everyone should be able to enjoy such beauty when they offer worship to the Lord!  To view the video homepage, click here.


  1. Oh my, such inspiration. I live in an area where much - no most - of this kind of beauty was torn out of older churches in the 60s and '70s, and where all newer churches are quite stark. So thank you for inspiring those of us who do not have such physical reminders of God's holiness around us at Mass and Adoration!

  2. These churches are gorgeous, Anne! I LOVED the beautiful statues in the video too! Churches like these bring the sense of the sacred to our hearts - like little reminders of our heavenly home. Thanks for posting about them.

  3. Just beautiful! and the music really lifts the soul. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Back to say that I think Our Lord just corrected what I wrote above. He used my own words to remind me that there ARE physical reminders around us at Mass and Adoration. What could be more real and physical and perfect and holy than His own Presence in the Eucharist?!? O, I do ache for the visual reminders, the beauty (I'm old enough to have had that in abundance in churches of my childhood), but thank God He keeps reminding me that HE is there. And HE is all the Beauty of the universe!