Saturday, July 13, 2013

Scenes of Sea Glass

I'm just an old-fashioned girl and am probably the last person in the world who has still been living in the dark ages without a cell phone.  Most people shake their head in wonder and ask how in the world I can manage to keep track of my family without one.  What they don't know is that sometimes I like to just disappear for a while where nobody can reach me.  Living without a cell phone has given me a little escape from the constant demands of my children and I know that if there were a real emergency somebody would definitely find me.

But all of that has now changed.  Our internet had gone down at home, and for two weeks I had resorted to using my husband's phone to try to keep up with emails and facebook and this blog.  It was a challenge, but using the phone was better than nothing.  My sweet son Justin decided to take advantage of the situation and yesterday he went and bought me the newest version of the Samsung Galaxy phone.   He explained that I don't have to use the phone, I can just use it for the internet, the camera and the music.  And guess what?  I love it!!!

I had fun playing with the camera today, taking pictures of my sea glass collection.  I feel like such a modern girl!


I am like a piece of sea glass.
Although I am nestled amid
the gritty sand and hard rocks
of life,
Your gentle waves of love
continuously wash over me
so that I become
smooth and soft.
Look closely!
I am glistening, sparkling and colorful.
I stand out
from my surroundings.
I am a reflection of
Your Holy Love
in me.


  1. Beautiful post Anne! Love the "modern" pictures!

    You will find Christ-like ways to use technology - I know it.

    P.S. You will also find out that smartphones are really just computers that happen to have a phone app on them!

  2. Love the sea glass collection. My phone is 8 years old! So, you are now much ahead of me. Enjoy the fun of your new phone!

  3. This is lovely!! Did you write the Sea Glass poem? I would like to share it on my FB page and possibly my website (with your permission).

    1. Also..... where did you find the sea glass? Such a wonderful collection!! Take a look at my FB/website.

    2. My collection is from seven years of searching at Bay View Beach in Milwaukee. I'll check your website out!

  4. Thanks Kim! Yes, I did write the Sea Glass poem. Sure, go ahead and share it-I'm honored!

    1. Thanks!!! I just did! ("sea" link below!)
      WHERE did you find your glass?!/photo.php?fbid=217695255048904&set=a.118304701654627.24428.117548378396926&type=1&theater

  5. These are really gorgeous jars and glasses. I wonder how many months I will be able to have as many as yours.


  6. Phones are considered as a necessity nowadays. It plays an important role in communication. And it is fun and easy to take pictures too just like what you use it for.