Thursday, January 2, 2014

St. Casimir Church-Milwaukee

The altar at St. Casimir Church

My family and I had the great delight of attending Mass at St. Casimir's Church, part of Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish, in Milwaukee's Riverwest Neighborhood, for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.  A year ago I wrote a post about The Seven Most Beautiful Churches in Milwaukee. This one should have definitely been included in that list, making the number eight.  It was gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed praying and worshiping God there!

The choir sang several Polish Christmas carols which brought back beautiful memories of my parents who would frequently listen to Czech and Polish carols.  One of the carols is included at the end of this post.

There are so many Catholic treasures hidden in the city. What a joy it is to discover and share them!

the tabernacle-so beautiful!

The Blessed Mother-we captured this shot after the altar server had already snuffed the candles that shone so brilliantly, but she is still magnificent!

A close-up of our Lady and the Infant Christ

St. Joseph with the candles still lit

the crucifix on the side of the church

I love these old-fashioned lights!

A case of reliquaries is in the back of church

A sliver from the Cross of Christ

One of the carols that the choir sang at Mass was Dzisiaj w Betlejem.

Today in Bethlehem

In Bethlehem, oh, in Bethlehem the tidings ring triumphant,
Purest of virgins, purest of virgins bore the Holy Infant.

The Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mary, holds the infant Savior.
As holy Joseph, as holy Joseph, ponders this new wonder.

Come, let us join in, come let us join in, raising grateful voices.
For this great mystr'y, for this great mystr'y:  Jesus comes to save us.


Christ is born truly, angels sing duly,
Kings come adoring, shepherds are glorying,
Even dumb creation kneels in adoration.
Oh, what wonders do they proclaim!


  1. I wish they'd get rid of that ridiculous off-center freestanding altar arrangement foisted on that church in the early 90's...

    Dave P...

  2. I grew up there, going to St. Casimir grade school (class of 1967) and have moved away, but still, all these years later, and I'm in my 60's now, go the 28 minute drive to St..Casimir's for Mass. It still looks like a church!

    Still remember being an acolyte, Cub Scout and Boy Scout. Favorite nuns: Sister Rebecca and Sister Marie Therese.

    That church and school were good to me. Children today don't have that.
    Without a doubt, some of my best memories!

    Thank you for the nice pictures!

    I checked for spelling. The nuns wouldn't have it any other way!

    John, Class of 1967.

    1. I'm so glad that this post brought back fond memories for you! What would we be today without the wonderful influence of religious sisters who gave so much of themselves to our education? It's wonderful to know that you remain a member at the parish of your childhood! Thanks for sharing this note!