Saturday, November 14, 2009

Favorite Quotes/Bishop Fulton Sheen

"Mary recaptures woman's vocation from the beginning namely, to be to humanity the bearer of the Divine. Every mother is this when she gives birth to a child, for the soul of every child is infused by God. She thus becomes a co-worker with Divinity; She bears what God alone can give. As the priest in the order of Redemption, at the moment of Consecration, brings the crucified Savior to the altar, so the mother in the order of creation brings the spirit which issues from the Hand of God to the cradle of the earth. With such thoughts in mind, Leon Bloy once said: "The more a woman is holy, the more she becomes a woman."

Fulton Sheen

"The World's First Love"


  1. Anne,
    I love Fulton Sheen. The book from which you quoted is one I return to often.
    Thanks for sharing one of his pearls of wisdom.
    God Bless!

  2. Great quote! I don't have this book but I have a few others by him. I like most of the books of his that I have read.

  3. Great quote! Thanks. God bless.