Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Films That Move the Soul

The talented people at Ahava Productions, under the direction of Erin Berghouse, have created soul-stirring films that "reaffirm the depth and beauty of the Catholic Faith."  Their most recent endeavor is a short film created to benefit Saint Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee.  Original music, written by Erin Berghouse and performed by Luke Spehar, accompanies the breathtaking images that showcase the beauty of Saint Francis de Sales Seminary, the surrounding natural beauty of the Lake Michigan shoreline, and the brave and holy men who are studying for the priesthood in Milwaukee.  Take a few minutes to enjoy the film.  Then share it with others!  The creators of the film and the staff at the seminary ask that you pray a Hail Mary for the people with whom you share the film and for the seminary staff and students, as well.  You can be sure that I am praying a Hail Mary for each one of you who read this post!

You can view the seminary film below or at this link.

After you have enjoyed the seminary film, take a minute to visit the Ahava Productions website to learn more about this amazing organization and to order their series of films, Crux, Kenosis and Blaze, featuring Bishop Donald Hying of Gary, Indiana.  Each film is beautifully orchestrated to inspire and educate.  It's easy to download or purchase a DVD to share with friends, family and your parish!  You will love them!

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