Sunday, January 10, 2016

From the Womb to the Tomb

At Old St. Mary Church in downtown Milwaukee, the creche is situated just below the 14th Station of the Cross where Jesus is lovingly placed in the sepulchre by his friends.  Here the birth of our Lord is placed so closely to His death.  How fitting that is for all of us live with the shadow of our death hanging ever near, never knowing when we may breathe our last, and preparing every step of the way for a holy death.  And the best way in which we can prepare for death is to take frequent advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. How perfect it is that the confessional is right between the two scenes of life and death, for the forgiveness of our sins was the reason that our Lord was born and it was for this that He died.

My Savior Jesus,

From the womb to the tomb your sole purpose was to free us from the burden of our sins.  Thank you for the beauty of your birth and for the redemption that your suffering and death brought to our souls.  May we remember to frequently take advantage of Sacramental Confession and Absolution and be blessed to rejoice with You forever in heaven for this magnificent gift!



  1. Your post reminded me of an old poem that I love:

    How life and death in thee agree !

    Thou had'st a virgin womb and tomb ; A Joseph did betroth Them both.

    Well, that's all I remember of it but the similarities between Jesus birth and death are fascinating. I think the poem was by R. Crashaw but I could be wrong.

    Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild! What a blessing!

    1. Mary, that's amazing! I looked it up and of course you are right, R. Crashaw wrote the poem. Love it! So excited about the grandbaby but admit that the thought of it makes me feel old. I'll be the world's youngest grandma, right?

  2. And the world's sweetest and most beautiful grandma too! Anne, I'm going to end up being the world's oldest grandma by the time Michaela grows up!