Thursday, August 25, 2016

In His Shadow

Each morning I sit beneath the crucifix and observe the shadow it casts upon the wall. 
The shadow spreads beyond the crucifix and appears larger than the crucifix itself. 
The shadow is an example for me. 
I myself must remain small, but the good I do should extend beyond my little life 
and fill the world around me with the largeness of Christ's love. 
Lord, help this to be so.


  1. And you further illustrated the point by showing how little our light is, compared to the Light of the World, but still, we can bring a little warmth where there is none.

  2. Lovely Anne! This reminds me to fill my moments and days with as many little acts of big love as possible; to throw even a small light out into the world! Thank you for posting this!! God Bless...

  3. Beautiful! I also visit a chapel where the shadow of the Cross is a wonderful meditation. Thank you for sharing this.