Thursday, September 8, 2016

ECHO: A Pilgrimage through the US Catholic Catechism for Adults

Bishop Donald Hying and the Diocese of Gary, Indiana, together with Ahava Productions, is producing a magnificent film series called ECHO that will introduce viewers to the  US Catholic Catechism for Adults  and bring a greater understanding of what the Church believes and teaches to those who participate in this project.

From the Ahava Productions website:  "Pilgrimage with Bishop Donald Hying as he leads us through the US Catholic Catechism for Adults.  Once a week, you will be sent, via email, the latest ECHO video with chapter reading, and reflection questions from the US Catholic Catechism for Adults.  Prior to the beginning of this series, you will need the US Catholic Catechism for Adults.  To view a free online copy of the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults visit the USCCB website."

Those who register for this free program will receive a weekly email with the latest short film coinciding with a chapter of the Catechism.  Once you watch the film, you follow up with further reading of the Catechism.  When the series is complete you will have a better understanding of the US Catholic Catechism for Adults with the guidance of Bishop Hying.

These films are artisticly beautiful and moving.   The team at Ahava Productions does a magnificent job of showcasing our faith and teaching valuable lessons.  Your life is sure to be forever changed and your faith deepened through the ECHO series.

Sign up here to receive the free ECHO film series via email.  The first email will be sent on Wednesday, September 14th and will conclude on Wednesday, May 31st.  Don't miss a single film! Sign up today!

While visiting the Ahava Productions website be sure to view their other magnificent films of faith.  You will be greatly inspired and hungry for more!

ECHO PROMO from Ahava Productions on Vimeo.

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