Thursday, August 12, 2010

For the Care and Support of your Immortal Souls

A big H/T and thank you to Badger Catholic for posting the entire Mass of Installation for Bishop William Callahan as Bishop of La Crosse, WI. Bishop Callahan was a huge blessing to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as our auxilliary Bishop and he will be greatly missed. The following quote from his installation homily is a fine example of the great devotion of this very holy man.

"As your Bishop, I accept not simply the care of properties, balancing ledgers and the upkeep of temporal services. As your Bishop, I accept something much more significant-the call of Jesus Christ for the care and support of your immortal souls."

For more quotes from his outstanding homily, visit Credo Catholic.


  1. I watched the replay of the installation mass. I am so happy to have him as our new Bishop. I am starting to hear a lot of good things about him. He struck me as a kind and very devout man. His smile is contagious. I am sorry that you are losing him, but it is good for us. You got your Arch Bishop from us, so now it is time to pay up. :-) God Bless you and God Bless Bishop Callahan.

  2. We are so grateful to have Bishop Callahan in our diocese. He is truly an answer to prayer! Thank you for your kind words of support.