Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mother of Sorrows

Holding the Babe as the prophecy was told...
body kneeling
mind reeling
heart feeling
Mother of Sorrows, you pondered it all

Looking up to the One she loves as He hangs, dying...
heart breaking
earth quaking
soul shaking
Mother of Sorrows, you bore it all

Oh Mother of Sorrows
the sword that was foretold
pierced your Son in the side
blood and water could not hold

Oh Mother of Sorrows
it was your soul as well
that spilled blood and water
as your heart broke and fell

Teach me to ponder
Teach me to bear
the worries and pains
that life has to share

Show me your strength
Show me your grace
when life gives me trouble
more than I can face

Oh Mother of Sorrows
I love you and grieve
along with your sufferings
that show no reprieve

Oh Mother of Sorrows
lift me up from my pain
help me work through life's struggles
erasing their stain

(artwork by Roger van der Weyden-
Descent From the Cross)


  1. Anne, you are a boon to muliebrity -- certainly a grace given to you by the storehouse of grace -- Our Blessed Lady.

  2. Couldn't resist looking up muliebrity!

    Thank you for this beautiful poem on Mother Mary's sorrows. I meditate on her sufferings often and have placed myself beneath the Cross with her countless times. This meditation in verse touched me.

  3. Perfect and beautiful, as Our Lady:-)

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  5. This is very beautiful. God bless the meek.

  6. Great poem.

    Mary did not tell us what "muliebrity" is. Now we've all got to check our dictionaries.

    God bless.

  7. Thanks everyone, for the kind comments! Jeff, thanks for the vocabulary lesson-you're a boon to keeping our minds sharp! I will now do my best to maintain my "femininity" in honor of our Blessed Mother!

  8. Sorry to cause a stir with "muliebrity" for I do not want to distract anyone from the beauty of Anne's post.

    Because of my love for the Latin Vulgate, I tend to use English words whose roots are from Latin. For example: "Mulier", ecce Filius tuus - "Woman" behold your Son; or in the Hail Mary prayer: Benedicta tu in "mulieribus" - Blessed are you among women.

  9. Anne, I just rediscovered your blog!! I think I lost touch with it back when I closed comments and limited blogging time during Lent. So glad to have found it again. You always used to inspire me in our Faith, and continue to do so!