Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Support a New Blogger MEME

Mary at the Beautiful Gate and Victor at Time for Reflections have come up with a plan to bring some attention to newer blogs. What a kind and welcoming idea! Now, I have recently listed a few of my favorite new blogs, but since Victor tagged me to join this MEME, and Karinann at Daughter of the King almost tagged me until she realized that Victor beat her to it, I will gladly oblige.

If you have a desire to read something uplifting to your soul I highly recommend the following blogs:

Credo Catholic (yes, I know that Colleen at Thoughts on Grace already linked to her, but I really love her blog, so, the more the merrier, right?

Do Not Be Anxious-deep thoughts

Catholic Poet-her work is amazing! Be sure to check out the link to her website with her beautiful reflections on the Litany of the Sacred Heart!

It's hard to stop here, I could go on and on! For a few more links, visit my last post on favorite new blogs.

Now the rules require me to pass this MEME on to two other bloggers who are required to name some of their favorite new blogs:

I nominate Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii who is always on top of the up and comings in the church and Tiffany at Family at the Foot of the Cross who has a terrifically creative mind and should be able to recommend some interesting new blogs.


  1. Hi Anne! Great choices! All three are wonderful blogs. Catholic Poet is awe inspiring!

  2. Hi Anne, yay! new blogs to check out! Thanks for the nomination. I recently tagged 15 newer blogs, does that count?