Friday, February 18, 2011

Roses for Our Lady

Roses for Our Lady is a lay organization in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee with a thirty year history whose purpose is to "bring honor and glory to Jesus and Mary in the world today" through the promotion of authentic Marian Devotion-to Jesus through Mary. I have recently been elected president of this fine group and would love nothing better than to begin that position by introducing Roses, as it is affectionately called, to the world at large.

So without further ado, I invite you to please visit our brand-new website and I ask you to keep us in your prayers as we transition into this time of new beginnings and move forward into what will hopefully become another prayer-filled thirty years of devotion to Jesus through Mary!


  1. Congratulations on being named president, Anne!!

  2. Going there now! Oh how I love devotion to Our Lady and I've never heard of this one.

  3. That's awesome news, Anne! Thanks for the link. I'm going to pop over and take a peek right now.