Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unbelievably Gorgeous

My friend Susi sent me a link to a video of three teenage boys (ages 14 and 15) in an Italian singing contest. You will not believe your ears!!! They are amazing! So good, in fact, that my son thinks it's fake-possibly lip syncing, since they have the voices of mature men. What do you think? Feel free to look away while the hostess is on stage (I did!)

Sorry that I couldn't embed the video here- but take a look at this link!


  1. These young men have phenomenal voices. I'm no expert, but it does appear that they are really singing. You can usually tell if a man is lip syncing by looking at their adam's apple- no movement- no singing. hard to get a look at them because of their ties. The hostess's dress on the other hand revealed plenty!
    Thanks for sharing this one Anne.
    God bless!

  2. My husband side of the family are all Italian, his dad came over from Italy, his relatives are from Jersey. I had to send this to them because it was amazing!!! I have chills up and down my arms! Beautiful!