Sunday, June 10, 2012

That's My Baby!

Ahh, the sweet and sorrowful passage of time...relentless....never.ever.stopping.

My oldest son graduated from high school yesterday and I wonder, how can this be?  He was just a baby yesterday.  Through the years of his educational career, my husband and I sat side by side as we watched countless school plays, choral performances and athletic events in which John had been privileged to participate.  It never failed that during many of these events meant to showcase the abilities of our children, one proud parent would break free from the constraints of etiquette and reserved deportment with an attention seizing shout, "That's my baby!"  Paul and I would mutter a united "Oh brother!" and roll our eyes.  Yes, even yesterday, during the high school commencement ceremony, those shouts of parental pride could be heard.  But me, I sat silently while tears of emotion welled in my eyes from the first strain of Pomp and Circumstance until the moving of the tassel.

So today, here on this blog, I'm going to be "that" parent and shout out....

That's my baby!!!!  Congratulations John!  You have made your family and friends so proud!  God has blessed us with your presence in our lives.

We celebrated this momentous occasion with a celebratory dinner at Graffito, the restaurant owned by Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun.  Just as we were finishing our amazingly delicious meal, dining al fresco by the riverside, Ryan Braun walked in for his own dinner.  John boldly asked him for a picture.  We couldn't have purchased a better graduation present.  John was thrilled!


  1. Anne,
    Congratulations to you, your baby and the rest of your precious family. My baby-who just turned 15 and just got his permit-will graduate from eighth grade Wednesday.
    By the way, the color of your dress looks lovely on you; you look great!
    With love, blessings and prayers,

  2. Congrats to you and John!

    God bless you!

  3. Congratulations to you all on this milestone!

  4. Congratulations to John!!!

    Your baby has grown up very nicely, but he'll always be your baby :) God bless you, Anne!