Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Daddy

I had signed up to pray at the local abortion mill as part of the 40 Days for Life Campaign along with several other members from my parish's Respect Life Committee.  When I arrived at the house of death, I had a raging headache, and although I was determined to offer that suffering up for the intention of closing the abortion mill, I confess that I was still less than enthusiastic about standing on the street for an hour of prayer and would rather have crawled into bed with a cold cloth on my head.

My friends and I were soon joined by another group of pro-life vigilers; in all there were nine of us standing in solidarity, quietly praying the rosary.  Shortly after we began to pray we were shocked into alertness by a man shouting some "choice" words at us about choice. By the time we reached the last decade we noticed a big, burly man hurrying  toward us from the gas station across the street and we were prepared for a tongue lashing from yet another abortion advocate.

Pastor and Mrs. Hull
 But that's not what we got.  Instead, we heard these beautiful words loudly and boldly proclaimed:  "I commend you for what you are doing!"

And so we met Pastor Alvin Hull from BASICS (Brothers and Sisters in Christ Serving.)  After he shared some information with us about his ministry and his radio program (every Tuesday night at 6:30 PM on JOY Contemporary Christian Radio-1340 AM), he passionately told us about what he believes.

"I believe that sins like abortion, same-sex marriage and government-mandated health insurance for birth control are the work of the devil.  They kill, steal and destroy life!  Life is more valuable than gold!  I was created in the image of my Daddy!  I was created for life!  I get cussed at and criticized and I love it because it's all for Him and I know that one day I will go home to be with my Daddy forever and He will say to me 'Well done my good and faithful servant.' My Daddy didn't give 85% of Himself to me.  He didn't give me 99% of Himself.  My Daddy gave 100% of Himself to me when Jesus died on that cross and I am called to give 100% of myself back to Him!  I don't work in my ministry for money, I trust that He will provide for me and I trust that He will provide for all of human life because He is our Daddy and He loves us!"

Then He invited us to join hands and pray with him.  Together we prayed for the sanctity of all human life; we prayed for the doctors who work at the clinic, that they would turn from their deathly work and refuse to perform another abortion; and we prayed for the employees who work inside the abortion mill, those people whe were created to be good and holy by our Daddy, but who have allowed their hearts to be filled with evil.

When Pastor Alvin left, we prayed our final decade of the rosary for him and I realized that my headache was completely gone.  I was so filled with inspiration and joy that there was no room for pain within my body.

I thank God for brave and outgoing people like Pastor Hull who make it their life's mission to give back to God and to save souls.  His bold witness and encouragement is contagiously empowering and uplifting.  What a joy it is to give ourselves 100% to our Daddy, the Creator of all that is good!

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