Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wooed by His Sacred Heart

You woo me...

with birdsong in the morning
daffodils in the garden
gentle waves on the shore
gifts of glass from the sea
a warm breeze in the evening
a playful, loving family
friends who listen and share
the kiss of Eucharist on my tongue
daily, intimate, hour-long conversations in a silent church

drawing me ever more deeply into the fire burning
within Your Sacred Heart, allowing me to feel the pain of sin
that consumes you, letting me experience
Your intense suffering for love of me and all of Your children,
sharing Your sorrow
with the one You love,
this little nobody
that You woo
so expertly,
so divinely,
so sweetly

I can't resist Your desire for me

I am wooed into Your eternal embrace
so tender and loving....

Never let go
I am Yours forever...


  1. I'm speechless at the beauty of this.

  2. This is so beautiful! "I am wooed into Your eternal embrace"
    Thank you for sharing this intimate response to our Beloved One.

  3. Anne, thank you! This is exquisite. What a beautiful prayer/love-song! So grateful you shared.