Thursday, April 9, 2015

Loyola Art Museum

On a recent visit to the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, my family and I made a quick visit to the Loyola University Museum of Art.  Free admission on Tuesday was definitely a bonus.  The museum was very small, consisting of only two floors.  The first floor showcased a Shaker Art display which was beautiful in its simplicity.  The second floor held a display of sacred art from the Renaissance period, my very favorite!  I just have a few snapshots to share of the pieces that moved my heart, without the accompanying descriptions, unfortunately, but the art truly does speak for itself.  For more information about the Loyola University Museum of Art, visit here.  For more on the Martin D'arcy, S.J. Collection, from which all of the images below were taken, visit here.  Martin D'Arcy, SJ, was a Jesuit priest who lived in England from 1888-1976.  This collection is named in his honor.

The head of John the Baptist.  The accompanying description mentioned that those who suffered from headaches and ailments of the head would place their hat upon the face of  St. John to receive healing.

Mother and Child

Nativity Triptych

crucifix and vessels

The Queen of Heaven with four Jesuit saints from left to right:  St. Stanislaus Kostka,SJ,  St. Ignatius Loyola, SJ,
St. Francis Xavier, SJ and St. Aloysius Gonzaga, SJ

Ecce Homo (description here)

Crucifixion  Polyptych 

The angel standing below the crucifix is capturing the Precious Blood of Christ in a chalice.


  1. Nice! I recognize the Coronation style - do you recall who painted it? The sculpture of Mary is unique. Looks older... but has the face been retouched? CMJ

  2. Thanks Christi. I'm sorry, I don't know any information about the paintings. I had just pointed to the ones I liked and John took the pictures for me. We hurried through the exhibit because, you know, the kids were impatient, so I didn't take the time to read about too many of the art works or ask John to take pictures of the labels. I'll just have to go back some time!

  3. Let us all know when! cmj