Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Rosary Tradition/

You may have read from other blogs that is back! You can find my Family Rosary Tradition story here.

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  1. Anne, I read your story and loved it. I sleep with my beads under my pillow,too. My daughter falls asleep to the rosary just about every night. My mom and I meet every Sunday[sometimes others join us] to do the rosary and mercy chaplet together and like you, meet and do it in emergencies. Mother Mary has obtained so many graces for all of us! How blessed we are to have her!

  2. Brilliant! What a fantastic story! When I was young we used to say the Rosary as a family every night. I didn't fully appreciate it until later but it was a time filled with peace every night

  3. Anne...I loved your story! I was never raised with the rosary and had to re-teach myself when I came back to the Faith. Unfortunately, due to a broken marriage and being a single mom for a while, this practice was never started with my own children. It was quite sporadic. Since God has led me to a faith-filled marriage, my husband and I pray the rosary frequently and we now are starting my
    5 yr. old daughter saying one decade daily. Occasionally we can get my older children to join us but at 20, 17, and 14 1/'s a bit of a task : )

  4. What a great story!!!
    And how terribly FRIGHTENING your pregnancy trouble must have been...I have never heard of such a thing!!! YAY for niece Jenny in taking care of that one!
    When our last six kids were wee husband and I felt so guilty that we couldn't keep up with the rosary each day...until we realized that we were not co-operating with God as far as our state in life...we were still trying to live as we did BEFORE having six babies in seven years!!! So...we switched to praying a decade each day on the week days so that by Friday we prayed one set of mysteries.
    I love the tradition that you keep with your sisters! Thanks for sharing your rosary story!

  5. I loved reading your story, Anne. I have never prayed the rosary. I bought one from a Family Christian Stores outlet -- usually a place of evangelical Protestant things but they also carried rosaries. I bought a lovely wooden one, but when I blogged about it, my dh freaked and made me send it to a Catholic friend (who had it blessed for me and is keeping it for me).

    I have Anglican prayer beads which are a little different but at least give me the feel of praying with beads. You can read more about them at -- there are lots of different prayers that can be prayed with Anglican beads. This site is where I purchased mine, and they're gorgeous. She includes a booklet of prayers, too, with each Anglican rosary.

    I would love to learn more about praying the Rosary, but I guess that is to be in the future. Blessings be upon you, Anne!