Sunday, August 9, 2009

House of Love

It is not at all uncommon for Mary to cry,
but this time,
I could tell that she was really hurt
and not just looking
for attention.

As I snuggled her in my arms,
to offer her comfort and love,
I sang a lullaby to her
that I hadn’t sung in the
eight years since she was a baby.

John and Jack heard me singing
and they came to comfort
Mary as well.
They gave her hugs and kisses.
She was surrounded
by the love and care
of her devoted family.

A look of pure
fell upon her face
as she drifted off to sleep
in my arms.

This is the house
of love, Lord.
It is filled with Your
Holy Love
as we strive to
follow your example.


  1. Oh, Anne, how beautiful!
    How important indeed is love and family in our lives :)
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. I hope to still be cuddling and rocking with my youngest when she is 8! Nice reflection!

  3. Oh Anne, when I read your beautiful post, the Holy Spirit flooded my being. What a wonderful gift you have been given! May God bless you and your family.

  4. There is simply nothing that warms my heart like watching big brothers comfort baby is PURE BLESSING.
    Thanks for allowing us to see inside your beautiful home Anne...a home of true love in the Lord:)

  5. That is such a sweet picture! You are a good mommy and your children are blessed.

  6. Beautiful! :)

    My children are more apt to argue than act lovingly at times. Please pray for us to be transformed by the Holy Spirit?