Monday, July 11, 2011

Praise for Women Writers

This week's Pay it Forward post is a tribute to two local women writers, both of whom I have long admired...

Milwaukee is blessed with the talents of two women who share their faith in the written word; both write blogs, both write for the Catholic Herald and both write for many other Catholic publications as well. I am continually inspired by the writing abilities of these women, and secretly jealous of all of their accomplishments, although I'm sure that if I confessed this fact to them, they would both humbly deny the need for my jealousy!

Marge Fenelon is a member of the Schoenstatt Movement and her writing is clearly blessed by her deep and abiding faith in the Mother Thrice Admirable. Her website, Marge Mix, is a continual source of wisdom in the faith. While visiting her website, be sure to check out her clever "Why Daisies" page and don't forget to shop for her wise and witty books as well! You can read my review of When's God Gonna Show Up? here.

Karen Mahoney is a freelance writer for the Catholic Herald and her stories are always some of the best-written features around! Her blog, Write 2 the Point, is a great place to find all of her previous Catholic Herald stories as well as to catch up on the events of her life.

Join Holly at A Life Size Catholic and Pay it Forward to your favorite blogs!


  1. What wonderful blogs you've highlighted today! I enjoyed visiting both. The daisy page was great (and Marge's meet my mother page too). I was intrigued with Write 2 the Point's post on Catholic education. Thanks for linking up.


  2. Hi Anne, I've found your link from Holly at A Life-Size Catholic Blog and came over to introduce myself.

    I'm still a new blogger (and not a great writer but I enjoy it so) and have been pleasantly amazed and inspired by the many Catholic bloggers! In fact, when I first started (January 2011), I thought blogging about my Catholic Faith was an original idea. I had no idea how wrong I was!

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts and will visit your recommendations. God Bless!

  3. Anne,
    Thank you so much for sharing my blog with your readers. While your accolades are lofty ones, on my behalf anyway--they are much appreciated. It is a true blessing for me to be able to share the love of my Catholic Faith with others and a gift to me.