Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I give my life over to God until I'm blurred in the works and jumbled in the words and worn down from the doing. I wonder, does God answer prayer? Do my words set down through my fingers into a keyboard really matter? What is the meaning behind all of this, anyway?

And I get answers streaming across the miles-sweet and thoughtful answers through the web of the world from as far away as England and from as close as six blocks away in the beauty of my friend Danette standing on my doorstep with a gift in hand-a gift of words-We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned in order to live the life that is waiting for us. (ER Forester) I share a moment with my friend, Fr. Jim, who reminds me that taking a step back in prayer can be more powerful than all of the works we do. Those works might be good and holy but they might also keep us from God if they overtake our prayer time. And those answers from friends near and far enter into my heart and I feel loved and needed and encouraged and strengthened. And I know that God does answer prayer, that my words do matter and that my life does have meaning.

I had asked God to erase me and He shows me how he has already done that-through your words. You write-"I understand how you feel, I feel that way, too, sometimes, but please don't stop writing your experience of God, even when that experience brings you pain, even when you can't feel Him, even in your dark-please write."

I arise each morning offering my day to God, giving him my works, thoughts and prayers for His glory. And I remember that each time I set out to write it is a prayer and God does always answer prayers, including my most recent prayer.

I am erased. It's not about me-it's about you.

It's about you and your love for God, your need for God. We all feel it. I am not just a series of written words on a computer screen. I am a funnel and God pours His love through me into you. And are a chalice, golden and beautiful, meant to contain Him, to hold Him and to carry Him into the world for all to see and know and love.

Thank you for letting me funnel Him into you and thank you for allowing Him to be chaliced within you.


  1. You do have a wonderful gift of love, of poetry, and of putting forward such beautiful, meaningful symbolism - chalice. Chalice ! Perfect. It's like you took a big kettle drum and smashed it and it just resonates loudly and beautifully.

  2. Anne,
    Man oh man, can you write! I loved the title and the entire post. I know you write poetry but I would have known this even if you had never, ever placed any on this blog. Chaliced - that is one of the most beautiful and spiritually symbolic titles I have ever had the honor to read. Thank you for allowing God to mold you into a funnel of his grace - I have been reading your blog for over two years now and have been touched by your words countless times.

  3. Anne, I couldn't agree more with Colleen and Mary. A visibly and verbally stunning post! You are so gifted, and I know that I delight to be filled through your God-given insights, and the beauty with which you express them. Thank you dear lady. I wish I lived six blocks down the street from you : )

  4. Beautiful post Anne. Your comment of "prayer can be more powerful than all the works we do" resonates with me. We had a discussion at my bible study about Catherine Doherty who founded the Madonna House and Friendship House and is currently being considered for canonization. She had made arrangements for someone else to care for her child while she went off to do God's will. And that concerned me. I was wondering if she was so busy doing acts of service that she failed in the basic duty of raising a child God had given her.

    I don't know her full story and I don't want to judge because she did wonderful things for the poor but my heart went out to her child.

  5. Beautiful post. Glad you got the message about how much we need your words. One of the best things about the Catholic blogging world is the sharing of hearts and pain and joy and prayer with each other. Sharing our love for Jesus. Very cool. Hugs and blessings.

  6. I found your comments today on Heather King's blog. I have recently been blessed with discovering many very spiritual women who have inspired me with their thoughts-- please keep your blog going. you have a new fan.

  7. I am so touched by all of your comments-thank you all so much!