Monday, September 19, 2011

The Lord Has Done Marvels For Us

"The Lord has done marvels for us." Psalm 126

The Bender family has long been early risers, so on the first day of our camping vacation, while our friends were sleeping in, we all got up for an early morning walk along the lake. As we were returning, I noticed a man sitting on a picnic bench with a big camera aimed our way. I suspiciously told Justin and Mary, my walking companions, "That guy over there is taking a picture of us."

And suddenly, I recognized the photographer as our friend, Steve!

And Steve also candidly captured Paul and Joe. I never cease to be amazed at Joe's height, how at the tender age of fifteen, he towers over the rest of the family.

And John with Jack trailing behind.

And here we all are rocking out in the sunshine!

And last but certainly not least, Steve snapped this lovely photo of the beauty that surrounded us at Devil's Lake. The Lord has done marvels for us, indeed! He has given us the love of a family striving for holiness and happiness, the glories of nature, and time for rest and relaxation away from the daily grind so that we can catch our breath and appreciate His many gifts-and it is all LOVE!


  1. Loved these pictures, Anne! Especially the one of the whole family on the rock. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation :)

  2. Wonderful family :) I have a feeling you had the time of your life here. The picture of the lake is breathtaking. That shot alone can make you forget about everything.

  3. Anne, what a beautiful family! Looking at those four guys, I'm thinking of all the food you much have to buy! : ) I miss buying all the stuff I had to stock for just my one son when he was a teen. Oh, DO enjoy these years; they pass so quickly! But knowing you, you are right on it...not missing a joyful moment!

    All God's blessings to your family.

  4. What a blessing to be rockin in the sunshine with such a beautiful crew! Now that's a family Christmas card! I can almost feel the fresh air through your photos and I certainly see the marvels!