Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ten Yellow Finches

The driver, forever in a hurry, waited at the red light anxiously tapping her fingers on the steering wheel, eager to resume her morning commute to work. Suddenly,a bright flash of yellow caught her eye. There, on the side of the road, sitting on the tall weeds, were ten yellow finches enjoying the morning sunshine. The ordinary occasion of a drive to work had now become sacred and holy.

The birds, sweetly minding their own business, were in no hurry, and in their quiet resting, they were a reminder to the harried driver that God loves her. All she need do is slow down a bit, open her eyes to the beauties of nature, even those that are found on a busy city street, and her life will be blessed.

Ten yellow finches, one for each finger that was tapping, have brought peace to one frazzled heart in need of a sign from God, the Creator of all that is good.


  1. Cardinals work for frazzled hearts too :)

  2. Yellow finches are my favorite part of summer, especially when I have sunflowers for them to snack on. And the way their babies squeak and beg for food is just too adorable.

  3. Oh, this happens to me a lot. What a blessing!