Friday, January 20, 2012

The God of the Snowy Field-A Guest Post by Susi Kurek

(My friend Susi is the volunteer coordinator for Catholic Charities in Milwaukee and she has a beautifully poetic soul which she generously shares here.)

Three inches of week-old snow covered the field in front of me. The numbers on the dashboard flashed, warning me that the outside temperature registered at three degrees. Better take the long way home tonight so that the motor is warm before I shut down for the night. I stared out of the window at the tall reed-like dry grasses standing in the snowy field. The stalks were bent with the wind, leaning away from the gusts. The snow formed petite hillocks at the base of each clump of reeds, making the landscape look lonely and barren.

I often feel as if I am one of those dry reeds. Temptations and troubles buffet me and I bend and sway with them like tall grasses in the wind. Those temptations deposit the snows of sin and guilt at my feet and I am anchored in problems caused by my own failings. It’s a cold, lonely and godless place.

The thought of me being compared to a tall, thin reed makes me laugh! I am exactly the opposite of tall and thin! Then why can’t I be stronger against the blustery blast of temptation? I need to be stalwart and steadfast, unwavering in the blast of Satan’s enticement.

Another thought passes through my mind as the car warms enough to safely drive: if we lean away from one thing, we are also leaning toward another. When I flee wrongdoing, I tend to run frantically toward God, as a frightened child runs toward its mother. I seek the comfort of my Parent, needing to be held and reassured. Feeling warmth creeping through my being, I’m not sure whether it’s the car heater or the knowledge that God is always there to forgive, encourage and love. I prefer the latter.

As I drive home, I ponder God’s infinite love and what God has in store for me. St. Teresa tells us that we should be content to know that we are exactly where God wants us to be. I don’t feel that comfort right now. Is it just me? Am I in transition? Your will, Lord, not mine. I’ll lean towards you.

More snow is due tomorrow. I vaguely consider that even with another seven inches added to that field, the dry stalks of grass will still be visible above the blanket of new snow. We may be dry from lack of grace, the winds of temptation may howl, sin may leave our souls in a wintry chill, but we need to stay firmly rooted in our faith. We also should stand tall in our faith, keeping our heads above the lures of evil. It’s easier to see God that way!

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