Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Soul Scrubbed

Loving Jesus,

My soul is dirty, 
filled with the clutter of old sins 
and the baggage of attachments 
that I have held on to 
for far too long. 

My inability to let go of the past 
has been weighing me down 
and keeping You at a distance. 

But now, 
I am willing to let You into 
all of the dark corners 
where the dust and cobwebs 
of my transgressions reside.  

Cleanse my soul, 
sweet Savior. 

Scrub me clean with Your forgiveness, 
remove my hurt 
with the promise of Your tender mercy, 
haul away my wickedness 
and absolve me with Your fragrance of love. 

Polish my soul. 

Restore it to the beauty,
goodness and light 
for which it was created.  

Then, take off Your apron 
and make Yourself at home 
in my spotless soul.



  1. How wonderful; inspired. I began my prayer with it this evening. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. Wonderful Anne! I can so relate to the holding on to the past. This is such beautiful poetry. I love the photo too! Thank you for sharing your gift of words with us...God Bless.

  4. A beautiful poem, Anne, and one I could well relate to :)

  5. Hi Anne~ Blessed Queenship of our most holy Mother! Did you happen to write this beautiful poem in Adoration? It sounds like it came from the feet of Jesus:) Loved your funeral envy post too. I can relate!

  6. How absolutely lovely, Anne. Just beautiful..and I can so relate. Thank you for sharing from your heart. May His Grace keep you always shining! xo