Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sun-Kissed Weeds

I wrote this little poem several years ago while on an autumn girls weekend away "up north" in Door County, Wisconsin.  Although it's not seasonal, the mood struck me to share it now, so here it is!  God's blessings array this earth with so much year-round beauty.  It's a rare moment when I slow down and remember to thank Him in gracious appreciation for all of His goodness.

I watch as the sun kisses 
the weeds in the meadow 
licking the early morning 
frost off the leaves 
in a passionate act of love 
known only to me 
and the unseen wildlife


  1. I want to read more!! Wonderful! I love "licking the early morning frost off the leaves..." You have a beautiful, poetic gift and thank you for sharing it...God Bless