Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spirit in the Night

Dear God,

I thought that after I had spent the day working so hard in the garden, that sleep would be deep and easy for me. Not so.

After noisy thunderstorms and nightmares plagued with images of evil, I only spent the night tossing and turning, feeling pain and discomfort in all of my muscles and fear in my heart.

Then, I felt your spirit moving in the wind. I could hear you calling to me in the rustling of the leaves outside my window, reminding me that you are always with me, loving me, even in my fear. When I walked to the window, I could feel your spirit brush across my face in the breeze, but even more reassuring was the delightful fragrance that your spirit shared with me. The air hung heavy with your perfumed springtime scent and I was filled with joy and love.

I really enjoy our quiet times together in the middle of the night. I can feel you so close to me. I know you love me very deeply.

Although my body is tired and aching, my soul is very much alive and awake, filled with the life and peace of your quiet presence, your gift to me alone.



  1. Beautiful!! I will keep this in mind since I am up very often during the night and always end up anxious due to my lack of sleep. I must remember that most of all, God speaks in the silence of the night.

  2. Annie... this too touched me. Since my surgery, I have a little bout of insomina...I toss and turn and walk around the house in frustration. I love the way you find God in the little things that I take for granted. Thank you for your reminder that He is always with us and He will give us comfort and rest, if we only turn and put our trust in him! ♥x♥x