Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tree of Strength

Last fall, I was inspired the write a poem about a beautiful, lone tree on the Seminary grounds. Today, I saw that same tree bursting with the new life of spring. Here I share both of my reflections on life that were inspired by that same,wonderful tree.

Tree of Strength

The flaming tree stands alone,
on fire with autumn foliage.
It isn’t lonely to be alone.
It is proud to stand out and display its beauty in the middle of the field.
It is glorious and perfect in its solitary space.
The leaves fall and they lay at the foot of the tree.
This is their sign of worship for the mighty, strong, tree.
I am a leaf who has fallen in sin.
Now, I lay in worship at the foot
of the tree of life, the cross.
I will shrivel and decay into the earth,
and be taken back
into the tree as nourishment
to be reborn in spring.
I will be forgiven and brought to new life.

My worship,
my sorrow,
my penance
give strength and beauty to the tree.
The cycle of sin, sorrow and forgiveness
continues over and over again
making the tree stronger
and more beautiful
as it ages into eternity.

Tree of Strength-Reborn

The early morning spring mist
hovers lightly
around the mighty tree,
but it can’t conceal
the signs of new life.
Tiny, tender sprigs of
fresh green leaves
are beginning to grow
on the hard, wooden branches.

What a beautiful sign this new growth is!
All of those decayed leaves lying on the ground,
that symbolized sin only a few months ago,
have nourished the stark tree
throughout the cold winter months.

What was hidden inside the tree
was forgiveness and renewal.
I can now come forward
with my head held high
knowing that my Savior, God,
has accepted the sacrifice of my life
and brought forth something new and wonderful!

I am that new green leaf beginning to grow,
eager to become a pleasing sign
for the entire world to see.
I am reborn and ready to show
the Mercy of God to all
who pass by.

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  1. Katherine McElvainMay 11, 2009 at 7:51 AM

    Beutiful and inspiring Anne. Thanks for a wonderful reflection this morning.