Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Cathedral

Friday is one of my favorite days to go to church and spend some quiet time alone with God...

Great Cathedral

You keep drawing me inside of you,
Great Cathedral,
Holy Space
full of incense, candles and quiet.
I rejoice in the sight of the sunbeams
pouring through the stained glass windows.
My spirit is lifted by the witness of the great saints
who are immortalized in the many statues decorating the walls.
My heart sings along with the magnificent
sounds of the organ and choir.
I listen intently
to the timeless words of scripture
that direct my life.
I offer my prayers in unison
with the many voices that surround mine.
I receive my Lord and hold him
close in my heart.
It is here that I am at home.
I am powerless to stay away.
Keep drawing me inside of you,
Great Cathedral,
Holy Space.

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