Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't Mark My Words

Summertime gets very loud at the WIC Clinic where I work as a nutritionist. For three days each week, some nurses from the School-based Health Program come and give out free immunizations to the little ones who may have fallen behind on their schedules. Needless to say, we listen to A LOT of crying and screaming when the nurses are poking the babies and toddlers with the necessary medicine to keep them in good health. Knowing the pain that the children experience to cause such wails makes me think about the pain of Christ during His own piercing.

Even before the needle stabs his arm,
he knows what is coming and he begins to cry.
Sometimes his mother tries to comfort him
with gentle words and a soothing touch,
but at other times, bone tired and irritable,
she chastises her toddler for carrying on so,
and harshly yells at him to "Shut up or I'll really make you cry!"
Her cold words to her little one must hurt him
more than any needle ever could.

In another time, long, long ago,
He was also stabbed, not by needles but by nails and sword.
He knew what was coming, yet He faced it with courage,
His only tears falling silently in the garden
where they mixed with His blood-tinged sweat as He prayed.
When His time of crucifixion arrived,
His mother stood silently beneath His cross,
longing to reach out and comfort him,
as the crowd harshly jeered
"If you're really the Son of God, why don't you save yourself?"
I wonder if their words hurt him more
than the pain of the nails through His hands.

I also wonder if my own words
quickly spoken without thought to my children
while I am tired or angry,
hurt Him as well, even today.

My sweet and gentle Jesus,
you never hurt anyone,
not physically or with your words,
yet we continue to hurt you
over and over again
with thoughtless remarks
and cruel scoldings.

Teach us to use words of love and
words of kindness,
when we speak to others
so that the pain-inducing stabs
that fly from our tongues
won't leave a permanent
mark of pain in their wake.


  1. It is always better to "err" on the side of kindness rather than severity, for Almighty God Himself indulges us with His Infinite Love and Mercy. Dear Anne, what a sacrifice it must be for you to hear the cries of these frightened little ones! At least you can whisper a prayer to Our Lady for them: she is the best mother of all and she will console them in their sorrow. May God bless you and Our Lady protect you.

  2. Très bien écrit, Madame Anne! Your gift of being able to see the divine life in ordinary life is quite edifying. Your concern for hurting our Lord reveals a wonderful intimacy. I'm certain you have your gaze fixed on heaven.

  3. He knew what was coming and faced it with courage! This is so true and so powerful!

    Your prayer is so gentle and pure, just like our Savior's love for us.

  4. lovely. I needed to hear tht today, well, every day. thank you,

  5. Anne, I think you are too hard on yourself. From what I have seen, you are a fantastic mother.

  6. I would like to invite you to visit my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on my recent posts.


    God Bless!

  7. Great, great post. Thank you.

    God bless.