Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Like the Dewfall

"Stop and consider!  Life is but a day; a fragile dew drop on its perilous way."  ~John Keats

Glancing up from the kitchen table early in the morning, I spotted a sight I'd not seen in all of the twenty-three years that my family has lived in our house.  The entire grapevine arbor, abundant with newly-formed clusters of grapes, was covered with dewdrops clinging to the points of each leaf. Quickly grabbing the cell phone, I was able to catch a few photographs despite my shaking hands and the angry robin that was squawking and flitting about protecting an unseen nest.  Not ten minutes after my impromptu photo shoot, the rains poured down destroying that delicate scene.  

I can't stop marveling over this fascinating sign of God's provision and love! His Hand beautifully nourishes in all stages of life, sustaining the grape buds during the early morning hours with drops of precious dew until the rains fall, lavishing the vine with necessary moisture for growth.  How blessed I was to be a humble witness to this sign of natural love from my Father.  What blessings He bestows upon His creation!

(Science fact:  I believe that the water droplets on the grape leaves were not really dew but actually a process called guttation, where the plant "leaks" excessive water through it's leaves.  Want to learn more?  Here you go!)