Monday, February 8, 2010

Fatima and the Apostleship of Prayer

It's such a blessing to meet a blogging friend in real life, and this past Sunday I had the opportunity to do just that! Fr. James Kubicki, who is the head of the National Apostleship of Prayer and writer of the blog Offer It Up, gave a talk about his recent trip to Fatima to our local chapter of Catholics United for the Faith (CUF). I haven't had the chance to attend one of the local CUF meetings before, but this time, when I saw who was speaking, I knew I had to make room in my schedule to attend. I am so glad that I did!

Fr. Kubicki had an antiquated copy of an Apostleship of Prayer Card from 1909 in which the intention was to pray for Portugal. I found that to be extremely fascinating considering all of the miraculous events which took place in that country within a few years after that prayer card came out. Another fascinating tidbit that Fr. Kubicki shared was regarding the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. After he had healed from his injuries, the great Pope journeyed to Fatima with the bullet that had been meant to kill him. He offered the bullet as a gift to be added to a special crown that was on display in Fatima. Everyone wondered whether the bullet would blend in with the crown of gold, or would it stand out and look inappropriate. Believe it or not, the bullet fit perfectly into the crown, as if the bullet and the crown belonged together!

My favorite part of Fr. Kubicki's talk didn't consist of miracles or wonders, but rather in something very ordinary. Fr. Kubicki shared an anecdote from his college days when he had the chance to meet with a well loved priest, Fr. Cletus Healy. Fr. Kubicki asked Fr. Healy what he thought the Third Secret of Fatima might be (at that time it had not yet been revealed). Fr. Healy wisely answered, "Don't worry about the third secret; it's enough to worry about the first two! Work on prayer, fasting and penance for the Conversion of Russia!" Wise words indeed! Don't worry about the future or focus on the extraordinary. We would all do well to focus on daily prayer and penance, works of love and mercy and uniting our souls to God.

To learn more about Fr. James Kubicki and the Apostleship of Prayer, visit Offer it Up or the Apostleship of Prayer webpage.


  1. I had never heard that story about the bullet and the crown, it is fascinating! It must have been great to meet a fellow blogger, where I live the chances are slim of this happening. We have a semi-retired priest at our Church named Father Healy, I always thought this was a great last name for a priest:) I'd laugh if it was the same one! Unlikely though. He has the gift of exhortation and his sermons often reach right into my heart [here I go, rambling from one subject to another again:) ]

  2. I'm sure it was a blessing to meet a blogging friend in real life - my wish is to meet you all one day :)
    If ever you decide to visit Rome, please please let me know :)

  3. It was great meeting you face-to-face on Sunday, Anne. Thank you for coming and for writing about the afternoon.

    Gabrielle, believe it or not, I'm going to be in Rome next week. I arrive on Saturday and have meetings there all next week. Maybe we can meet face-to-face as well!

  4. Anne, thank you for sharing about this talk and a (new-to-me) blog! I love hearing about all the ways you find inspiration and faith in your busy days.

  5. May Father Healy rest in peace and hear the words...Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of thy lord.