Friday, December 4, 2009

The Window

Holy Heavenly Spirit,

You watch me through the window of my soul.
You see all of my actions; you hear all of my prayers.
You feel all of my joys and sorrows.
Not one breath escapes my mouth without your awareness of it.

When the night grows dark,
You lift the curtain and cast a glow of light around me
so that I continue to be visible to You and to others
through the window of my soul.
You want me to be seen,
so that all will recognize your Spirit
that lives within me, and they too,
will be warmed and brightened
by the radiant love that comes from You.

I praise You, Holy Spirit,
for lifting the curtain
and revealing Yourself through me
in the window.



  1. Anne,
    I'm cheating:) I am supposed to be taking a little break but I decided to peek at your blog. I'm glad I did, this poem-prayer is wonderful!

  2. So beautiful. I love it. Thanks.

  3. Hi Anne! Thank you for the lovely poem-prayer (prayem?). Love the picture too- those leaves in the foreground look like little doves.

  4. A cup of coffee and Anne's blog...what a WONDERFUL way to start my day with God! God Bless You Anne for sharing your beautiful gift of writing!Thank You! Love Danette