Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rescuing Jesus-A Guest Post by Dawn Meyer

My friend, Dawn Meyer, writes so beautifully about the faith and, from time to time, I am blessed to be the recipient of her writings.  With her permission, I share her words about our Eucharistic Lord.  May they move you deeply and stay with you each time you receive Him in Holy Eucharist.


You've seen this happen from time to time.  A mishap at the most inopportune moment.  But what do you do when it happens to you? 
Morning Mass. Communion time. Souls quietly move forward to receive Jesus.   "Amen," I respond, and open my mouth for the King of kings to be placed on my tongue.  And then, it happens.  How it happened, I do not know.  Somehow, Jesus falls to the floor.  He lies on the carpet, alone.  The minister offers another host, but my heart tells me to pick Him up.  
"Rescue Jesus!  He's on the floor!"
In a split second, He's back where He belongs.  The hand He formed in my mother's womb, picks Him up and places Him where He was supposed to be all along.  In my heart.  In my soul.  His Body and Blood united with my body and blood.  And I can't help but be grateful for the opportunity to rescue Jesus.  It is He who rescued me first, by dying on the cross, to save me from my sins.  It is He who continues to rescue me, through His Eucharistic presence that strengthens and nourishes me and keeps me safe for eternal life. 
Today, in a very small way, He let me rescue Him right back.  That made me think...maybe this isn't the first time Jesus let me rescue Him. 
What if we rescue Jesus...
...every time we choose to do not what we want, but what He wants us to do? 
...when we turn to Him throughout the day in prayer, to acknowledge His presence in our midst? 
...when we care more about His opinion than that of those around us? choosing to love those who are hardest to love?
...when we refrain from gossiping or speaking unkindly? looking at Him when we receive Communion, rather than the person that's offering Him to us?
...when we close our eyes after Communion and speak to Him from our hearts, so that He knows how thankful we are to be with Him? 
It seems that Jesus gives us numerous opportunities to rescue Him each and every day.  When we choose to love others and to unite our will to His will, we rescue Him from the sadness and suffering that our sinful choices cause Him to endure.  So, let's get busy!  How will you rescue Jesus today? 
Loving Jesus, thank you for being my Savior
and rescuing me from my sins by the merits of your Precious Blood.
Please take all the love you have placed in my heart
and let my love console you wherever you are abandoned
or unwanted.  Let my love rescue you when you are wounded by
those who deny you or forsake you.
It is only You whom my heart desires. 
Help me to do your will every minute of every day.  Amen.


  1. A beautiful post, Anne! Thank you, Dawn - I pray this prayer with you.

  2. Just beautiful! I can only echo Mary's thank you, Dawn. If Dawn has a blog, please share where we can find it. I love thinking about the joy Dawn brought to Jesus when she picked Him up off of the carpet and placed Him in her heart. God bless you, Dawn!