Friday, June 27, 2014


The fragrance of wild roses fully in bloom is currently filling my yard and delighting my senses.  It's a little late for the blossoms this year as we've been enjoying an abnormally cool June here in Milwaukee which has delayed the opening of the roses.  But now that they are fully open, and since they have a short growing season, in another week they'll be done, I thought it would be a fitting time to share my poem, Blush, written about those fragile flowers and how they are a sign of God's love for me.  Blush will be displayed at the Contemporary Religious Artists Association in Kansas City next month.  The theme of the show is "God's Love."  To learn more about the art show, visit here.


The wild rose buds are pried apart
by the early June heat.
Their opening is a gasp for air and water
as they separate their soft petals,
reluctantly releasing their pink blush
and their heavenly fragrance.

There's a hint of divine 
that resides in their beauty, and I blush, too,
when I think of how He loves me.
He loves me passionately and wildly;
me...a simple nobody.

And He sends an abundance 
of pink roses in June
for this nobody
who blushes with delight
at His sweet and fragrant gift.

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